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About Us

Wood Specialists | Hardwood & softwood Supplier | provider of Wooden boards.

About Asala

Since 1990, Asala started providing customers with the best building materials & timber of most kinds. Our main mission at Asala is to provide premium, quality, and unique timber from around the world with honesty and expert knowledge to designers, contractors and wood enthusiasts.

We love the beauty, the diversity and adaptability of wood. Wood is our passion and we hope to touch as many people as we can with its natural splendor. We are wood specialists and we offer hardwood and softwood for a huge range of products. As we work with the best suppliers and manufacturers, you can be sure that we can meet your requirements. Our unique, innovative, automated system provides you with instant prices for bespoke and custom wood products, that meet your criteria ensuring competitive prices without you having to shop around.

Our Customer 

We provide our customer with quality timber and excellent services to reach the full satisfaction of our customers, and so Customer service should not just be a department, it should be the entire company.

We believe that the amazing customer service is the competitive advantage of ours that leads to our great communication with our clients…

Our Mission

We aim to constantly provide better quality products and improve services that will lead to the standards and expectations of our community, our mission will be achieved through the commitment and dedication of our team and the support of the suppliers in which we work with. With service, comes quality, with quality comes satisfaction.

Our Vision

“reaching & Maintaining a leading position in the trade of timber” in Saudi Arabia

Our Principles

Our organizational principles are based on professionality, respect for all, Productivity, punctuality, commitment and innovation.

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